Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 46 Sea 2 Shining Sea

It has been a week since we finished our S2SS ride and my blog says we are just leaving PA. After many request, I am playing catch up with my blog. Here goes.

Today we had our one and only ride start in the rain. I love riding in the rain. I know, a little strange. But with almost two months of sun and heat, a cool wet ride was just great. It was a bit chilly, I wore my arm and leg warmers and a vest. I felt good. Larry on the other hand started cold and never warmed up. We pulled the plug on the days ride at mile 45 of a 70 mile day. No problem for me. We had a couple good hard efforts during the day for fun and by this time in the ride my legs are way tender and staying tender.

The big stop of the day was at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethasda. Our riders were able to visit some of the men and women who are going to rehab. Great day.

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